Penn Battle 2 8000

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♦   Model – Penn Battle II Fishing Reel 8000

♦   Monofilament Line Capacities (yards/lb): 340/20, 310/25, 230/30

♦   Braid Line Capacities (yards/lb): 475/50, 3910/65, 310/50

♦   Visual Line Capacity Rings on the spool lets you know how much line you have left

♦   Drag washers are keyed into the spool allowing use of both sides of the washer increasing drag

♦   5+1 Sealed Bearings with an added layer of protection against salt water and corrosion

♦   HT-100 Drag System with carbon fiber keyed washers

♦   Full Metal Reel Body, rotor, as well as side plate

♦   Instant Anti-Reverse Feature

♦   Rubber ring on spool allowing braid to be tied straight to the spool without backing.

♦   5.3:1 Gear Ratio

♦   855g Weight