Limited Edition 'Scout 800 Ultra Fast' Kettle (Stainless Steel).

Regular price €65.00

Limited Edition Ultra-Fast 800ml version of our popular Steel 'Scout' kettle. 

Smaller water capacity than our regular 'Scout' model but with faster boil time.  Ideal for 2 People if you want hot water fast, but also want the option of full cooking functionality that the large Hobo Stove, large Cook set & Cup set provides.  (Note: these items are not included with the kettle)    

This NEW 2015 version of the kettle has an all welded construction and no rivets.  

Strong, durable and fast.  Boils 800ml of water Super Fast in ALL weather conditions.   For Scouting, Camping, Survival Kit, fishing, hunting, power outage due to storms, etc.