Flambeau Deep Satchel

Regular price €35.00

Double deep satchel multi-purpose tackle management system. This satchel transports bulk tackle, hard and soft bait, fresh and saltwater reels, marine supplies, rain gear, tools for the boat or pier, electronics and much much more. Open core design with 7 Zerust dividers allows you to create up to 8 compartment customization.


Size 15.25 x 14.25 x 6.25 Multi-purpose tackle management system. Transports bulk tackle, hard and soft bait. Perfect as a reel box transport. Marine transport for flares and safety items. Electronic transport case. Open core design. 7 Zerust dividers can be installed to create 8 storage compartments or can be removed individually to create custom design. Unique dovetail design and dividers prevents heavy items from tipping over.