Camillus Les Stroud Waorani 18" Machete

Camillus Les Stroud Waorani 18" Machete

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Les Stroud Waorani 18" Machete

It was deep within the Amazonian jungle, living with and learning from the Waorani, that Stroud honed some of his most endearing survival skills. With challenges such as extremely wet and hot weather and dealing with some of the most poisonous species on the planet, Stroud had to listen and learn fast from one of the last truely remote tribes. The Camillus Waorani Machete by Les Stroud is overall 18 inches long with a blade of 11.5 inches. Ideal for cutting down undergrowth when on expeditions. Comes complete with sheath and fire starter and full length quad saw on blade back bone.

Carbonitride Titanium® Bonded Blade
Carbonitride Titanium is on of the hardest surface treatments containing titanium. Harder than carbide. Harder than chrome. Our proprietary process creates a permanent molecular bond with the blade surface. Will not flake, blister, chip, or peel. A complex crystalline structure forms which protects the blade surface against wear, staining, and damage. Patent pending technology.

440 Steel
A stainless steel with a terrific balance between hardness and corrosion resistance. 440 takes a nice edge and is fairly east to re-sharpen. An excellent value-priced steel for its performance. Good toughness and stain resistance.

• Carbonitride Titanium Non Stick Blade
• 440 Stainless Steel
• Zytel Full Tang Handle
• 381mm Drop Point Blade
• 457mm Open Length
• 4mm Thick Blade
• Lifetime Warranty