About Us

We're Roger and Ross and welcome to RBM Wild. 
We started RBM Wild back in April 2015 out of a love and passion for fishing and everything outdoors. Our store opened on Castlebar Street, Westport on the 9th of May and since then we have grown our product base annually. 
Meet the Crew
Roger was handed down his love of fishing from his Father Andrew. Since the feeling of catching his first brown trout which he says ''felt like a 10lbs trout even though it was only 1lbs, I was hooked''. Since then Roger has competes regularly in Deep sea and fresh water fishing competitions across Mayo. During the summer he can be found on a charter boat having the craic with the lads in the hope of landing that monster fish. Over the last 3 years Roger has landed skate in Clewbay that have a total weight of over 500 pounds. He is still searching for that one that lands him a page in the history books. Roger is now passing his love of fishing on to his two children, Oisin (5) and Sadhbh (3). They have taken to fishing like a duck to water and now you will find the whole family in the car on the way to the beach of a river bank, so a sight of Roger, Niamh, Oisin and Sadhbh fishing is not uncommon around Mayo. 
Ross was introduced to fishing on a Sunday as a kid by his Dad Brendan. As a child and into his teens Sunday was spent on the lake boat on Bilberry in Islandeady. Then when he was in his late teens his mother Della introduced him to the sea and since then its been Ross and the sea. Boats are his passion and if you can't find him the chances are hes left Newport harbour on the RIB for a spin around the islands or Ross, Roger, Niamh and the kids are crossing Clewbay to head to Clare Island for a pint and lunch. Its also not uncommon to find him in a wetsuit with a camera in hand snorkeling the beaches and islands capturing images and videos of the deep blue sea. 
Were open Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 5.30pm
If you want to contact us please do: 
Roger 0834649093
Ross 0834648110