Seacor XP 5PiF 5000 Super Longcast Reel

Regular price €65.00

Equipped with 4 stainless „NCBB“ steel ball bearings. Thanks to the special WormShaft-System, the superlong spool offers a perfect and harmonic line lay and thus the Seacor-XP reels are perfect surfcast reels for extremely long casts. 
The power-gear with a tremendous smooth running, the strong Infinit system and the reliable bail function guarantee an extremely long and reliable reel lifespan.

• 4 „NCBB“ steel ball bearings
• Infinite Anti-Reverse®, stageless
• Strong spool drag
• WormShaft oscillation system
• Aluminum long distance cast spool
• Nylon / ABS super long distance cast spare spool
• Line Guard System
• Aluminum handle
• Soft-Touch handle knob
• PowerBail
• Large anti-twist line roller
• Longlife bail spring